High Spirits Choir

If singing is your passion, this might be the choir for you!

High Spirits sings an eclectic, uplifting and sometimes demanding repertoire from gospel to classical to jazz, songs in other languages and poly rhythms.

We perform at concerts, festivals, and nursing homes, bringing delight to our audiences. Reading music is an asset; a good ear and strong choral experience a must.

High Spirits Choir is based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Latest News & Events

'Tune Your Heart' Videos now online

Did you miss our winter concert 'Tune Your Heart'?  Do you want to relive that epic thunderstorm in Eric Whitacre's Cloudburst?  The videos from our latest show are now [...] read more
[posted Feb 20th, 2020]

Two Open Rehearsals Feb 12th and Feb 19th, 2020

High Spirits Choir is inviting new singers to join us at our first two rehearsals of the term read more
[posted Jan 29th, 2020]

Tune Your Heart - January 26th 2020, 3:30pm

We sing of storms and shipwrecks, of romance and revolution. Our musical journey ventures down a jazzy alley, to a Scottish loch, and even into a video game. You’ll be movin’ and [...] read more
[posted Dec 11th, 2019]