We perform two major concerts each year, one in January and the other in June.

Our concerts are heart-warming and memorable events, providing our audience with a wonderful musical experience of our joy and camaraderie. After each concert, we host a brief reception with refreshments for our audience.

High Spirits is also an outreach choir, singing for people who normally don't get the opportunity to hear live music. We perform at retirement homes, hospices, festivals and at community events such as the Van Dusen Festival of Lights.

Audience Reviews

Here's a sample of some of the comments we've received from recent performances' audience members:

"My three friends were so moved by the concert that they all cried at various points and thought the concert was great. One said she did not want the concert to end. My husband said that he enjoyed the intimacy and sweetness of our choir."

"Loved the energy."

"My Foster Mom loved it!!! She is still beaming! The concert did her wonders!!!"

"You look great on stage; you're fun to watch.”

"My friend and neighbour who is a professional accompanist and her husband who used to sing with Vancouver Opera enjoyed the concert very much and thought that the choice of music showed... the director really knew what she was doing."

"Kyrie was so moving it brought tears to my eyes."

"Everyone in the choir looked so happy and seemed to be having a great time."

"I really did feel my spirits rise!"

"To our Music Director, Ieva Wool: “Thanks very much to you. You are a warm and lovely person... the audience feels it and that makes a big difference."