Please consider making a donation to the choir. Our outreach concerts bring live music to nursing and retirement homes, and we have a strong commitment to never turn a singer away for financial reasons. A donation of $85 would provide the funds for a partial subsidy for a singer who cannot afford a full term of choir dues. Also, we wish to pay our director and accompanist fairly for their work.

Other choir expenses your donation could support include the following:

  • $35 – the cost of a ladies choir blouse (the portion the choir pays)
  • $75 – the cost of rehearsal space rental for one week
  • $185 – the cost of a full subsidy for one term of choir dues
  • $275 – the cost of one set of scores (music) for a new song
  • $480 – the cost to run our website for one year
  • $1,275 – the cost of rehearsal space rental for one season

High Spirits is a registered charity (The Vancouver High Spirits Choral Society) and you will receive a tax receipt for your donation. Donations received before the end of December will receive a tax receipt for this calendar year.

Donations can be made in three ways:

1. Make a direct donation through Canada Helps

2. Make a direct donation by e-transfer to our treasurer Shelley Waldie, at

3. Mail a cheque to High Spirits Choir
c/o 323 - 333 Wethersfield Drive, Vancouver BC V5X 4M9.


High Spirits now has a fundraising account with Return-It recycling depots, so next time you have a pile of empties, remember us!

Return-It Express is easy to use:

  • put your empties into a clear plastic recycling bag (available at most grocery stores);
  • enter our phone number at the Express kiosk: 604-732-7418
  • print a label/labels and stick it to bag;
  • leave bag at Express counter

The full bottle refund will be credited to our account after counting. You don't have to count bottles yourself, or wait in line! Just remember to put the phone number in your Contacts so you don't forget it. If you do forget, it comes up on Google maps when  you search High Spirits. There are several depots in town. For locations and other info, go to:


Our concerts typically draw audiences of between 100 and 200. Sponsors' advertisements are prominently displayed in the concert program by the categories listed in the table below. We also acknowledge them on our website's homepage and sponsor page, which includes a link to their website, for one full season. In addition, sponsors are acknowledged on both the choir’s Facebook page and in the concert videos posted (in perpetuity) on our YouTube channel.


Platinum Sponsor - $750

  • Full-page advertisement: 5" x 8"
    • The first Platinum sponsor secures the back cover of the program – highly visible!
  • Special thanks and acknowledgement at the concert by VHSC board
  • Promotion on our website for one full year
  • Two complimentary tickets to the concert (Spring Term – JUNE; Fall Term – JANUARY)

Gold Sponsor - $500

  • Half-page advertisement in program: 5" x 3.875"
  • Special thanks and acknowledgement at the concert by VHSC board

Silver Sponsor - $250

  • Quarter-page advertisement in program: 2.375" x 3.875" (portrait orientation
  • Special thanks and acknowledgement at the concert by VHSC board

Bronze Sponsor - $100

  • Advertisement inside program: business-card proportions (actual size in print 2.2" x 1.26")

See examples of our Concert Programs here

For more information, please see our Sponsorship Infosheet, or contact our Treasurer Shelley Waldie at

Thank you so much for your help - we hope to see you at our next concert.