About High Spirits

High Spirits Choir is a community choir based in Vancouver, BC. We sing an eclectic, uplifting and sometimes demanding repertoire that includes gospel, modern/contemporary, classical, jazz, show tunes, love songs, and world music.

Our repertoire is often up to eight-part harmony, and includes polyrhythms and interesting harmonies. Our conductor, Ieva Wool, brings her distinctive and often cheeky sensibilities to every song, so that the High Spirits version of a piece is uniquely our own.

High Spirits has been performing since 1993 and was founded by Music Director Ieva Wool. We have grown from a small group of 15 singers to a full mixed-voice choir of 60. After years of song, High Spirits has developed a reputation for polish, professionalism and quality in our presentations.

For more information, check us out our short video on Shaw Cable TV.

We are very grateful to our mentors and coaches, Dr. Joel Tranquilla, Brian Tate, Dr. Adam Con, Dr. Marvin Regier and Dr. John William Trotter, who have guided, encouraged, and helped us develop our musical skills.

High Spirits welcomes new members in September and February every year. There is no formal audition process - new members attend the first 2 rehearsals of the term to determine if High Spirits is the right choir for them! If you are interested in singing with High Spirits, please click here for more information.