Help Us Fundraise By Returning Your Empties!

High Spirits now has a fundraising account with Return-It recycling depots, so next time you have a pile of empties, remember us!

Return-It Express is easy to use:
  • put your empties into a clear plastic recycling bag (available at most grocery stores);
  • enter our phone number at the Express kiosk: 604-732-7418
  • print a label/labels and stick it to bag;
  • leave bag at Express counter

The full bottle refund will be credited to our account after counting. You don't have to count bottles yourself, or wait in line! Just remember to put the phone number in your Contacts so you don't forget it. If you do forget, it comes up on Google maps when you search High Spirits. There are several depots in town. For locations and other info, go to:

[posted Mar 17th, 2021]