Thanks for your support!

High Spirits Choir, like many community organizations, relies on the financial support of the community in order to operate. Every year we are fortunate enough to receive contributions large and small from friends, family, and businesses in our community. This support comes in many forms: concert ticket sales, concert sponsorship, BC Choral Federation raffle sales, 50/50 ticket sales at concerts, and cash donations at concerts and through Canada Helps, a secure payment site.

Donations large and small help the choir in many ways. Choir members pay yearly dues, which cover many of our basic expenses like rehearsal space and our pianist, but support from our community allows us to do a number of things that would normally put a strain on our budget or force us to increase regular dues. The support we receive from you allows us to offer financial scholarships to singers who would otherwise be unable to afford dues or find them an unnecessary hardship. Donations make it easier for us to pay professional musicians a fair wage to accompany us at concerts and improve the quality of our performance. They allow us to invest in necessary equipment like sturdy stools and small percussion instruments.

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to all of our supporters. Whether you've purchased a $2 raffle ticket or anonymously donated $5000 (really!) we appreciate it. We could not do what we do without you.

[posted Aug 18th, 2015]